Found Your Basement Flooded Because of a Severe Storm? Part One

Tips from a Restoration Service on Cleaning up Flooded Basements

Water damage in basements is actually quite common within households. Most basements will experience some kind of water damage at one point or another, whether it comes from basement seepage, plumbing, faulty sump pumps, or incorrect grading. The first thing when dealing with this problems is turning off any gas supplies whose pilot lights are under water. Once the source of damage is dealt with, the cleaning process will begin. Repairing damage greatly depends on the extent of it and how long the water was there for.

First, remove as much water as possible. A wet and dry vacuum or pump could be used to get rid of any standing water. Windows must be opened in order for air to circulate. Wet items must be removed and allowed to dry if possible, and fans should be installed to dry all the damp areas.

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