Tips from a Professional Water Damage Restoration Contractor on How to Make a Claim

Just Suffered a Major Flood in Your Home?

When you have been unfortunate to have suffered water damage, it could be time to contact your insurance company to make a claim. The first thing you need to do is to ensure the damage is covered by your homeowner’s insurance, as some kinds of water damage do call for a separate flood insurance policy, also find a¬†water damage restoration contractor¬†that works with your insurance provider.

Before you contact anyone, draw up a list of all the items that have been damaged in your home, and when possible, take pictures or create a video. The last thing you need to do with a water damage claim is to contact an insurance adjuster to make a time to meet them, so they can review the damage so it can be repaired or replaced soon as possible.

It is also advisable you go over your homeowner’s insurance policy beforehand, to find out what water damage is actually covered. Most plans will cover accidental damage, this means you are probably covered should your bathtub overflow, or appliance breaks and leaks water, or for burst pipes. But, damage caused by sheer neglect or no maintenance is not covered, and neither will damage that is due to natural floods. When you reside somewhere that is prone to flooding, you are generally told to obtain flood insurance with another insurance policy.

The next step is to make a claim listing everything which was damaged by the water. This should also include the likes of carpeting, padding, furniture, and any personal belongings. You will need to record the approximate amount it will take to replace each one. And remember to take pictures and video showing the damage as well. Depending on your policy, with some cases, you can start to make repairs or get replacements before your claim has been completed, so long as you retain all the receipts to present to the adjuster.

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