Tips from a Water Damage Company on Cleaning up Flooded Basements

Found Your Basement Flooded Because of a Severe Storm? Part Two


A basement that is unfinished with mold growing on walls and floors can be easily treated, using a solution of bleach and water. Ensure your basement is ventilated before performing this treatment on the mold. Always clean any items after washing it with bleach, and let them dry. If the damage is extensive, professionals should be brought in to remedy the situation.


Water damage within finished basements can be much more serious. Any area that has been wet for more than 2 days will have mold growing. Hard surfaces are able to be cleaned; however, soft or absorbent materials must be thrown away.


Drywall which absorbed water needs to be removed and replaced. Carpets which have also suffered from water damage will have to be replaced as well.

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